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  A team of architecture and design students from the Royal College of Art has constructed an adaptable 90 square metre event space for an exhibition at the college.

The installation, entitled Slowscape, considers the speed of visitors’ movement through the gallery and how the subtlety of built form can encourage us to pause and engage with sound and the moving image.

The paneled timber structure gently rises across the rectilinear gallery at a canted angle, folding up to form angled balustrades and a projection tower at the rear. From this point a platform wraps around the existing columns and walls to form benches that engage otherwise overlooked areas in the open gallery space.

While the slight incline of the ramps encourages visitors to sit or lounge on the surface, 60 lightweight recyclable stools - each folded from a single cut sheet of fluted plastic - were also designed as a comfortable alternative for more formal events and longer film screenings.

The exhibition SHADOWBOXING finished on April 4 after playing host to screenings, performances and discussions for two weeks.

Meet the team.


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